Jose Adolfo Ayala, CIB Corporation

Following the catastrophic damage to Puerto Rico caused by both Hurricane Irma and then Hurricane Maria in September 2017, “CIB managed to keep our business running, despite the fact that we had to maintain our operations with generators in our three facilities,” shared Jose Adolfo Ayala, Vice-President of San Juan-based CIB Corporation. All of its employees’ homes were affected, however. “Two of our employees, Jesus Sierra and Fernando Morales, suffered major damages to their houses, one of them losing the entire property,” said Ayala, who noted that even though both had received monetary aid from FEMA, they needed additional funds to rebuild their homes. “The AD Disaster Relief Foundation provided these two employees with funds to complete the rebuilding of their homes and replace furniture and home appliances that were damaged by the hurricane.” Ayala said that in life, events happen that can change our circumstances in unexpected ways, “and at that moment we think that we will not be able to overcome and recover everything lost. Then there are initiatives such as the AD Disaster Relief Foundation that provide us with a tool to help and provide hope to the neediest,” he said. “It’s through this Foundation that we can all make a difference in the lives of our associates and their families.”


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